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Volunteers are an integral part of the Sentry Tournament of Champions and make it possible to conduct a world-class tournament by devoting time, talent, and passion to help run all aspects of the event. The tournament has served as one of the premier marketing vehicles for the state, showcasing the beauty of our islands via 70-plus hours of television programming across the globe to millions of viewers.




Volunteers Committees’ help ensure that our tournament rolls along smoothly. From Gallery Management to ShotLink to Tickets & Admissions our committees are an intrical part to what makes our tournament a success year after year.

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Volunteer Chairs

Meet the Men and Women responsible for leading the best team of Volunteers on the Hawaiian Islands! With countless year of experience, our chairs are an incredible resource for all things Sentry Tournament of Champions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the link below to find out answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our past volunteers.


Safety Statement

At the PGA TOUR, our highest priority is the safety of our players, guests, employees, and volunteers. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment by promoting safety best practices at our tournaments to minimize accidents. Our volunteers play a large role in promoting our safety culture and creating memorable, world-class experiences that positively impact our communities. All registered volunteers are expected to abide by basic safety guidelines, identify potential risks, and be proactive in reporting and correcting known or potential hazards.

Top 10 Volunteer Safety Guidelines

ALL registered volunteers are expected to abide by the following safety guidelines in order to prevent injury to themselves or others. Some volunteer committees may require additional safety measures which can be found in the PGA TOUR Volunteer Safety Manual.

  1. Wear comfortable, close-toed, and slip-resistant shoes
  2. Wear sunscreen, hat and other protective clothing
  3. Maintain adequate hydration
  4. Follow all PGA TOUR Golf Cart, Utility Vehicle, and Vehicle Safety Guidelines
  5. Practice proper ergonomics
  6. Report unsafe conditions to Tournament Staff and Committee Chair
  7. Maintain a clean and orderly environment free of trip hazards
  8. Be vigilant to surroundings to prevent being struck by a golf ball or equipment
  9. Use proper tools and protective equipment to perform tasks
  10. Take breaks and rest when needed

Volunteer Safety Pledge and Culture

I am knowledgeable of safety policies and procedures in my role. In uniform, I am viewed as a safe person to approach. I take a proactive approach to safety and know who to contact.

The safety culture for volunteers is founded on the following expectations

  1. SEE Something (Be aware of your surroundings).
  2. Pay attention to behavior that can cause injuries Identify unsafe conditions and damage to property.
  3. Notice suspicious activities or persons SAY Something (Know who to contact).
  4. Report injuries to first aid.
  5. Report unsafe conditions and damage to property to Tournament Staff
  6. Report suspicious activities to Security
  7. DO Something (Be proactive - Take action as necessary).
  8. Provide comfort to injured persons.
  9. Ensure unsafe conditions will not harm others.
  10. Follow safety guidelines for your assigned committee.

Safety Resources

PGA TOUR Volunteer Safety Manual

Golf Cart Safety Video

Golf Cart Safety Acknowledgement